We bet for a high quality product for our customers.

We have taken on a Veterinarian group that checks all the meats we have and which manipulate the goods in our company. They look over all our staff and facilities to assure we fulfill the law at all times. Besides we use a veterinary system called APPCC, for controlling and checking all the critical points, from the buying of goods in slaughterhouses until we sell them to the final consumer. We are compliant with the requirements of the Veterinarian Organism in Spain and Europe for offering a high quality product and service.

We also follow all the alimentary laws, the most important being:

Regulation 852/2004, 29th April 2004, European Parliament and Council, for hygiene of foodstuffs.

Regulation 853/2004,  29th April 2004, European Parliament and Council, establishing rules and specific norms for hygiene of animal origin foodstuffs

Regulation (E.C.) 178/2002, 28th January 2002, European Parliament and Council, establishing General requirements for an alimentary legislation, a Veterinarian Authority is created for food security and some procedures to comply  for food security.

We own a Sanitary Register Number (RGSEAA).

We possess a complex computer programme that allows us to control the traceability of  the meat products and  that does a lot for the goods,  in order to know their origins and their final destinations.